Pendientes de aro con colgantes de colores en forma de delfinPendientes de aro con colgantes de colores en forma de delfin

colored jewels
to brighten the day


Pretty and colorful jewelry that you will wear this season

The good weather is here and with it comes the desire for summer, the smell of the sea, fresh dresses, sandals and jewelery with lots of color and character. Start to color your days with this selection of jewels full of life.

The most colorful necklace for this season

This handmade piece has a thousand possibilities and elevates your outfit to the highest level. The Rodeo Sol or Lover Necklace can be worn as a choker, tie-style or as a long necklace. Its colored thread has a silky touch and stands out for its shine. Create the combination that you like the most!

Joyas de Colores

colored jewels


    Elevate your look with striking jewelry and with a lot of life. You will not go unnoticed with this selection of pieces full of color and character. Choose from thousands of designs, most of them handmade in our Barcelona workshop and created with a lot of love.

    Personalize your favorite bracelet with initials and choose your favorite color. Whether you are large and long earrings or small and minimal, these will give you shine and elegance. This season, necklaces, rings, bracelets and mobile accessories are in full colour.

    Discover how to combine the most daring necklace, the Dolphin Pearl Necklace